Hailey Hasbrook (Elite, NY) “Hailing” from Gresham, Oregon to the face of Marc by Marc in under one year.  Hailey did the remarkable last season in that she walked BOTH the Marc by Marc Jacobs show as well as the Marc Jacobs show.  Hailey also has extensive Off Duty value too, as you can see from her inarguable sense of personal style.  She likes to shop at vintage stores, she makes her own clothes which for summer includes alot of cut off’s.  So besides seeing Hailey in nearly every September Issue publication, I predict you’ll be seeing her in a lot of street style photos—once other photographers begin to recognize her.


In continuation of my series celebrating the new management at Elite New York I met up this time with Hailey Hasbrook. We F-trained it to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), talked about the difference between style in Oregon and NYC, and braved the cold air on the water. Hailey gracefully began to move, sometimes subtly with the arch of an eyebrow, sometimes suddenly with a full jump. In every case, I could sense her whole heart and soul was behind each motion. HAILEY WORKS HARD and does so with spirited positivity.

As the others did, Hailey took the time to answer a couple of questions:

  • altamira:Your favorite virtue?
  • HAILEY:Inner Strength.
  • altamira: Your favorite food and drink?
  • HAILEY: I’m a girl that loves a good burger. And a shake…or Pepsi. Dessert wise: chocolate mousse or chocolate cake. OH! and I love taco salad…I just love food in general.

It’s little wonder that with Jacques Torres so close to the park in DUMBO, that we had a quick stop for a chocolate fix on the way home.