UNION SQUARE: Martha Streck (IMG, NY).  Martha Streck decked out today with her 7 month old puppy Bartholomew, her Stella McCartney blazer, and her Tory Burch bag.  STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: As usual in NYC, some dude neither of us knew came and stood military attention style and stared right into Martha’s eyes as he stood right in front of her while I was preparing this pic.  ”Really, that’s all you got bro?”  Click here for MARTHA’S IMG PORTFOLIO

Pat McGrath’s Lip Trends: Red for Spring ‘11 and Burgundy for Fall ‘11

RED FOR SS11: Martha Streck (Brazil) exits the Gucci SS11 show with tomato lacquered lips, via Pat McGrath’s Jerry Hall inspiration.

DEEP RED FOR FW11: Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Denmark) exits the FW11 show in Milan with burgundy lacquered lips, paying homage to a more sophisticated 70’s inspiration overall.

HOW SHE WORE IT: Martha Streck (Brazil)

HOW SHE WORE IT: Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Denmark)

The make up genius behind Gucci, YSL, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu among other shows is Pat McGrath.  So it’s safe to say she’s pretty much the World Thought Leader when it comes to make up.  Think Jerry Hall for this Spring as seen on Martha at the SS11 Gucci show and a more sophisticated 70’s look for this winter as seen on Caroline at the FW11 Gucci show.  I’m also tweeting consistently now so you can follow me @altamiranyc