In continuation of my series celebrating the new management at Elite New York City under Louie Chaban, I met up with energy poppin Josefine Nielsen. That’s Josefine with an “f”, not a “ph”. The first thing I noticed were her chiseled Scandinavian features — stunning eyes. Then I noticed just how organized she was. Josefine had a calendar, with specific times marked out for each casting she had that day and for the week completely effortlessly entered on her IPAD. With an inner optimism that is no doubt discernible when you look at her in the eye, it won’t surprise me if Elite New York needs to hire her to keep their books for them sometime soon. Because not only did Josefine walk Celine in the SS12 season, but she’s confirmed for some major editorials with some major photographers this week. Josefine Nielsen—on the altamira radar.

In keeping with the FW12 Elite new faces “tradition”, Josefine answered a couple of questions

  • altamira:If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
  • JOSEFINE:I would love to be a butterfly, so that I could fly. The best dreams I have is me flying, so to be able to do that everyday must be the sweet life.
  • altamira: Your favorite flower
  • JOSEFINE: I absolutely LOVE roses. My friends would say the same thing, everything I’ve got smells like roses. Nailpolish, lipbalm, creme, perfume, you name it….